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Which product to buy?

What is the difference between the Swole-Cream and Swole-Lotion? Can I use both at the same time?

Which one you choose really depends on how much time and effort you have for penis enlargement. If you have a lot of time, then go for the cream. If you want convenience and don't mind if it takes a little longer to get results then use the lotion. The cream is sandy and takes effort to absorb through the skin and the Swole-Gripper helps speed up the absorption process. The cream is also perfect for use with a pump. Using the cream with the Swole-Gripper or with just your hands requires effort but is very effective. The Swole-Lotion is very similar to the cream, but its just like hand lotion. It absorbs through the skin instantly, no exercise, Swole-Gripper or penis pumps are required with the lotion. Some people like to use both products. The cream should be used at least 3 times per week, but the lotion can be used every day, even more than once per day if you like. Any time of day for both products is fine.
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