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What is a Penis Pump?

There are many types of pumps out there so deciding on which pump to buy can be a challenge. Here are some guidelines to help you make a decision:

A pump has three main parts:
  1. Pump: The device used to suck out the air, usually a bulb or a handle with a valve.
  2. Cylinder: A long tube with a large open end on one side, and a small end on the other.
  3. Hose: An air hose used to connect the pump and to the small end of the cylinder
Basic Pumps:
A basic pump comes with a bulb or a handle plunger that is used to create suction. Most of these pumps also come with a rubber sleeve or dougnut inserted at the open end of the cylinder. The purpose is to help create a better vacuum (air tight) because the rubber can seal tighter around your skin than the cylinder (most cylinders are made of plastic).
If you are on a budget and you are just starting out, this is a great type of pump to use. The cylinders come in one general size which fits most men and they are very simple to operate.

Some of these pumps have a small hole in the cylinder. You are supposed to put your finger over the hole to create the vacuum and remove it when you are ready to release the pressure. Avoid these types of pumps because it forces you to do 2 things at once, keep pressure over the hole and keep pressure on the cylinder against your skin. This is inconvienent and your hand could get tired very quickly. A good starter pump will have a quick release button or trigger that can be used to release the pressure quickly.
Another tip is to remove any rubber inserts. The rubber does not guarantee a seal and it restricts bloodflow to the base of your penis. Instead, apply some vaseline around the bottom of the cylinder and keep it pressed against your skin

Standard Pumps:
The next type of pump comes with a handle that you use to create the pressure. These can generally create more pressure than the bulb style pumps and usually the quick release mechanism is built into the handle. The cylinders are identical to the basic pumps.

Advanced Pumps:
These pumps usually come with a pressure gauge. Very similiar to the standard pumps. The only other difference is that they may have a special connection on the cylinder to connect the hose. (It is very possible to interchange parts between pumps, such as the cylinder or handle. So if you get one pump and decide to upgrade you should keep all of your parts from your original pump).

Standard Cylinders:
Standard cylinders come in one general size designed to fit most men. By size I mean the diameter of the cylinder. Typically bewteen 2-1/2 - 2-3/4 inches in diameter. (If you are not sure what size you need, first measure yourself using the Penis Measurment Guide. Then select a cylinder that is just slightly larger in diameter than you are.) There are 3 basic kinds of rubber inserts that are found in these cylinders:
  1. Doughnut: This is usually a round piece of rubber with a hole in the middle (hence the name). They are generically designed to fit onto most cylinders.
  2. Short Inserts: These are very similar to the doughnuts execept they usually have an end the sticks about 2 inches up inside the cylinder. The idea is to create a better fit around your penis.
  3. Full length inserts: This is a complete sleeve that is closed at the top and extends all the way to the top of the cylinder from the inside. I'm not exactly sure what purpose they serve other than to enhance the sensation if you are trying to masterbate.
Special Cylinders:
As I mentioned before some cylinders have special connectors for the hose. These connectors allow you to quickly remove the hose but maintain the pressure. For the most part this is not a very useful feature because you lose the ability to quickly release the pressure and without the pump attached you can no longer increase the pressure when needed. Cylinders can also come in different sizes. Smaller diameters are great if you are just starting because it makes it easier to maintain a vaccum seal. If you grow too large to fit into any of the basic or standard cylinders then you will need to get a larger cylinder. Cylinders are sold seperately so it can be cost effective to simply buy another cylinder instead of an entire pump system.
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