Swole Cream Instructions


You need to find a place where you can be alone and undisturbed for 30 minutes to an hour. You should be clean, so take a shower. You need to open the pores in your skin. So if you didn’t just take a shower wet a cloth in warm water, squeeze out the water and wrap it around your penis for 5 minutes. Repeat three times and you are ready to begin. Your penis needs to be erect for the entire process so you need to do whatever you can to maintain your erection during the session. You should also have the following:


  • Paper towels
  • Regular towel


Measure yourself:

Before you begin, measure your penis (both the length and the width). Keep a log of your progress.


  1. Take off your clothes and find a comfortable chair or couch (do not lay down on your back).
  2. Place the towel over the chair so that it is hanging down.When you sit down on the towel, the towel should cover the chair to prevent excess cream from staining it.
  3. Apply enough of the cream to cover your penis, including the head. The cream feels a little gritty and oily. This is normal.
  4. Gently work your way into an erection. Massage the cream into your penis. This action causes the ingredients to be absorbed directly through the skin. Be sure to evenly, massage all areas of the penis, including the head.
  5. If the cream begins to dry out, add more as needed.
  6. Having an orgasm is not necessary, but usually the erection will be lost when you climax. So you want to prolong it much as possible. If you get close to orgasm and don’t want one, simply let go of your penis and squeeze your pc muscles until you regain control and slightly lose the erection. When ready, work yourself back into an erection (see last section).
  7. If you are watching videos and need to handle items such as remote controls, use the paper towels to clean your hands first.
  8. When finished, rinse off the cream with warm water, do not use soap. Your penis should feel slippery.
  9. Repeat as often as you like. I recommend a minimum of at least 3 times a week.
  10. You also need to train your penis by gently stretching and pulling it from the head away from your body as often as possible. This can be done when you urinate or take a bath or shower.

 Stud Gripper:

  1. The Stud Gripper is a soft latex masturbation sleeve that is open on both ends (very important). Using the Stud Gripper will dramatically increase the absorption and effectiveness of the cream! Note: Do not use a sleeve that is closed on one end. These create a vacuum and it is impossible to use them effectively.
  2. With the Stud Gripper, follow the directions above, except once you cover your penis with the cream, slide the sleeve over your penis. You can add more cream if you need it from the top, or by sliding the sleeve up more than half-way applying more around the middle of the penile shaft. Do not use excessive amounts of cream, just enough to cover your penis. Otherwise, you will waste it and run out very quickly.
  3. If you experience pre-mature ejaculation then you can kill two birds with one stone. Use the cream with a masturbation sleeve. Focus on maintaining an erection while inside the sleeve. If you feel you are close to climax stop all movement, squeeze (see last page) and let go of your penis. Once the sensation has subsided begin stroking with the sleeve again and work your way back to an erection. You should also do this when you are having intercourse. Pull out to help regain control.
  4. Do not beat yourself up if you have an orgasm too quickly. This is normal when you first start and it will take some time to get used to the sensation. As you progress, force yourself to have two orgasms or at least a second erection after you climax. This will train your body to be ready for more.
  5. Try to increase the length of your massage sessions. If you can go for up to an hour, then you have worked your penis hard and it will grow faster. (in width and thickness).
  6. The exercise can take a lot of energy out of you if you do it often. Try not to have an orgasm every time you do it.
  7. You may be fortunate enough to have a partner who is willing to help you. If so, allow her to perform the exercises on you. Should you decide to have intercourse, be sure to wipe or rinse all of the cream off before you have sex.
  8. It is very possible to out grow the Stud Gripper. They only come in one size so if this happens you will have to just use your hands or purchase a different kind of sleeve.
  9. Sometimes the end of the Stud Gripper is very thin and can tear. If this happens and the tear is very small, simply cut the end off just below the tear. This will not affect the performance of the Stud Gripper.
  10. When you have achieved the desired results, you may need to start using a lubricant such as KY jelly or Astroglide during intercourse. A thicker, wider penis can hurt a woman that has a dry vagina. Experiment to find out just how much you need. Use too much and she won t feel your penis; too little and it may cause her pain.
  11. The average penis is about 5 or 6 inches long. You can increase the length but it will take a lot longer than using the cream to increase width. The safest way to increase length is through exercises or with a penis traction device. Do your research, 0pfor more information. In the mean time gently pull on it as often as possible. This will cause blood to remain inside the shaft more often helping it to grow. So whenever you see your penis shrunk , grab it by the tip pull it away from your body.
  12. The cream formula may be too gritty. If you don t have any extra emu oil, you can apply a personal lubricant to your penis BEFORE you apply the cream. Astroglide works very well and is cheap and easy to find. Do not mix the lubricant into the cream jar. (Only add emu oil, if you have some, directly into the cream jar to make it smoother).
  13. How to Increase Length: Read the stretching exercises section on the website.
  14. Overall health is important. If you have not thought about a diet and exercise program now is the time.
  15. Got questions? Read the FAQ. If you don t find the answer there, then send me an email. My email address is on the website in the contact section.


Premature Ejaculation

The muscles used to urinate are the same muscles needed to delay ejaculation Here is the procedure for developing those muscles:

  1. When you urinate, squeeze down and shut of the flow of urine. If you cannot do this, then you have weak muscles as I mentioned.
  2. Squeeze and hold, completely shutting off the flow of urine for just a second, then release it. Repeat this as many times as you can until you have exhausted all the urine from your bladder.It will take some time and effort, but before you know it you will be able to stop the flow completely.
  3. Perform this exercise every time you urinate.
  4. Once you have mastered this technique, you need to find your ejaculation threshold .This is the point you reach when you can no longer hold back and ejaculation is inevitable. While you are performing the exercise on page 1, you must learn to squeeze and hold just before you reach this threshold.
  5. By the time you can do this and prevent ejaculation for an hour, you will never have to be concerned about this problem again.
  6. One last note, many things can affect your performance; What you ate for diner, how much sleep you had the night before. Don t beat yourself up if you slip once in a while.



  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS CREAM AS A LUBRICANT DURING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE! The cream is gritty and could hurt your partner.
  • FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT EAT THE CREAM! While it is pretty harmless, eating it will not increase the width of your penis.
  • DO NOT HEAT THE CREAM! Store in a cool dry place. Keep the lid sealed when not in use, and keep the cream away from water.

Avoid The following:

  • Weights strapping a weight to end of your penis and letting it hang down will stretch it, but it places the tension in the wrong place. If you do this long enough, your penis will have a permanent unattractive curve.
  • Surgeries: Very expensive and usually don t work as expected. Also, any damage is irreversible and may lead to even more corrective surgeries.