2 Creams Special Deal

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Original price was: $119.98.Current price is: $41.50.

Special price for two jars of swole cream.


Why settle for just one jar, when you can have two? Now you can double your efforts and really impress your wife with your new size! Plus, it costs less than buying one jar at a time.

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Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1 in

15 reviews for 2 Creams Special Deal

  1. Theo Paulson

    I didn’t really need 2 jars but glad I got them. I’m surprised it works so well!

  2. Paul Mason

    My wife is ecstatic over my thicker size. She’s more excited than I am!

  3. B Sheldon

    It’s a dream come true for real.

  4. Dominic T

    At divorce court, my ex-wife told me I had a pencil dick. Well, after using swole cream, it’s a thick dick. And she wants me back after one night of sex.

  5. Billy “horsebaler” Morris

    I was told how good this stuff is by a neighbor I trust. So I bought 2 jars. The first jar made a believer out of me. Now, I’m on my second jar, trying to seal in the girth growth.

  6. Warren Phillips

    It’s worth the money.

  7. Melvin Black

    First of all, the 2 jars special price is a winner. I’ve paid more than that for pills that promise “4 inches in 4 weeks” only to deliver NOTHING! And to add to this story, Swole Cream actually works. I’m thicker than ever! My wife is amazed too.

  8. Cory Donaldson

    After gaining extra girth by way of swole cream, my wife called me a stud for the first time in many years. I’m hyped!

  9. Wayne B

    Man, it looks like I got a hulk down there!

  10. Emmet Jackson

    I got my swole on! I ordered 2 jars to be as thick as possible. It takes time and patience doing the one hour routines but it works.

  11. D Banks

    Wow, it’s like going from a hotdog to a bratwurst!

  12. Donald Cho

    I told my friends about this cream after I got thicker. They tried some that I bought for them and got results too. Now I’m buying more for me so that I can be thicker than them.

  13. Frank Simpson

    It looks Like my stuff is on steroids!

  14. M Glennon

    The ultimate cream, baby!

  15. Homer Franklin

    I just love this cream! It’s a dream come true.

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