Swole Cream/Swole Lotion Dynamic Duo

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Now you can get both of these fantastic products together in a single package. Use them both to get the maximum advantage and be amazed at what this powerful combination can do! Swole Lotion and Swole Cream are unique products. Made using the same active ingredients, they are by far better than any other method of penis enlargement on the market today. Use this dynamic duo and in just a few weeks your penis will be THICKER AND WIDER than ever before!

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19 reviews for Swole Cream/Swole Lotion Dynamic Duo

  1. Jaquan Bronner

    I feel like a sex king in my neighborhood. Women are coming from all over to get some of this super thick dong. My wife is constantly fighting them off. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get thicker.

  2. Phil Bettinger

    Wifey now wants to do oral more frequently, thanks to my thicker size from this dynamic duo.

  3. Greg L

    Sometimes I just stand there and gaze with amazement at my thicker size! These products are the best I’ve tried ever!

  4. Harvey G

    This is the best stuff I’ve ever tried.

  5. Bob Vanmeter

    A month of jelqing gave me NO Results! But Swole Cream And Swole Lotion made my penis thicker than I could have thought possible.

  6. Joe Brown

    I don’t know which one works better-the cream or the lotion- but I got results. So, I’m glad I bought both.

  7. Bill

    As a sex therapist, I always recommend stamina techniques. After researching swole cream, I thought it could be good for stamina, not sure about enlargement. To my surprise, it’s good for both stamina and extra girth (thickness). Now, I recommend this product to my clients who want more girth.

  8. Tyrone Crenshaw

    It has definitely changed my sex life for sure.

  9. Jim Haskins

    I see why they call this the dynamic duo. On those days when I don’t have time for the swole cream routine, the lotion comes in handy. I like my thicker girth.

  10. Matt Benning

    It’s a dream come true.

  11. Freddy Mason

    I’m back in the groove now, thicker than ever!

  12. Kenny L

    My stuff is on swole! It’s incredible!

  13. Harold Gibson

    I don’t know how it works, but it does. Thanks!

  14. Dwayne Jenkins

    My wife was upset that I bought this stuff. She thought it was a scam. Now she believes and loves my plumper size.

  15. Freddy Banks

    I just love my new thick size!

  16. Tom Lovelace

    Like they say……..BOOM, BABY!

  17. Brad X

    It’s better than I thought.

  18. “Big” Jo Williams

    It was long and skinny. Now, it’s long and thick. Enough said!

  19. David Kingsley

    They say women prefer more girth instead of more length. So far, it’s true. I dated a lot. They wanted more of me since I got thicker from using Swole Cream. I’m also engaged, finally!

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