The Real Deal About Male Enlargement Pills

Google+ It’s disgusting to see all of the penis enlargement pill scams out there.You see them online, in men’s magazines, on television (smiling Bob on Enzyte commecials), and hear about them on the radio. 
They seem as though they are legit. How? It’s mainly with good libido-boosting ingredients, information/science of how the pills work, and even a timeline of what to expect after a few days and a few weeks. But, is it really how to enlarge your penis?
However, the fallacy is within the 4 main ridiculous claims that you will see in the vast majority of their ads, such as:1: It’s the number one pill on the market. Just do some searches and you will see this claim on several sites. They all can’t be the best or number one. Somebody is lying. I say all of  them are lying.2: All of your gains (2-5 inches) will be achieved in a few weeks to a few months (depending on what site you are on). The truth is, you will see no gains, period.3: Fake/phony testimonials. How can they be fake? Because the gains are not possible in such a short period of time, nor with pills alone.4: Before/After photos. This is the most obvious one. They are 2 different photos of 2 different men. If you look closely enough, it will become obvious to you. Or the “before” pic is at one setting and the “after” pic is a closer shot of the same guy, making his penis to appear bigger.All of these gimmicks are marketing ploys used to sell the pills at our expense.
Now let’s take a look at one of the false claims: 2-4 inches in a short period of time. That is so absurd! In reality, it could take 6 months to a year just to gain one inch, using direct stretching techniques. And that is, if you addpenis exercises or other proven techniques with the pills. The total 2-4 inches could take 1-2 years!Remember, the pills alone will not give you those gains in inches.
Do you feel like giving up, now? Are your hopes and dreams of having a big dick (monster cock, bigger cock, etc.) all washed up? Or, do you have 1-2 years of dedication in you? Like bodybuilding/weightlifting, it takes time to achieve the desired results. There is no quick fix or short cut. Billions of men have found out the hard way (no pun intended) that pills don’t enlarge the penis. Many of them haven’t given up, though. These days, they want to know how to increase penis size without pills.

So, are penis enlargement capsules or pills a waste of time? No. While there are no pills to make your penis bigger, there are some that can be a big (no pun intended) help. The good pills do boost your libido, which can speed up the enlargement process a little bit. Just do your research. Find a good brand from a company that has good customer service. That way you will get a refund if you are not satisfied with the product. 
>Finally, remember that penis girth is very important. Length is for the male ego. But a thicker penis is for the woman’s increased pleasure. Yes, it’s true. Penis girth helps you to have better contact with the walls of the vagina. It’s at the walls where the sensory nerves are plentiful. That’s why women say “…it’s how you move, that is important…” So, with more girth, you won’t have to stir her as much as you would, if you had a “pencil” dick. For increased girth, most people try jelqing. However, in my experience, it is difficult for me to maintain a semi-erection. I often go to a full erection. Then I have to wait for it to go down to semi-erect status. If you experience the same and want to do something different to achieve more girth, I highly recommend swole-cream. It’s the best penis growth cream I’ve used in my lifetime. It’s definitely worth the price and is so much simpler to use, rather than doing jelqing exercises. But whatever you do, don’t rely only on pills.

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