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special price for two bottles of swole lotion



Why settle for just one bottle, when you can have two? Now you can double your efforts and really impress your wife with your new size! Plus, it costs less than buying one bottle at a time.

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9 reviews for 2 Lotions Special Deal

  1. Kenny Smith

    I seldom leave reviews. But this stuff gave me thickness I didn’t think I could get. I got 4 bottles. Two thumbs up. Better yet, 3 thumbs up, if you know what I mean, lol!!!

  2. Harold K

    It’s just what I was looking for. And I spent a lot of years searching.

  3. Victor O

    The extra girth I have from using these 2 bottles of Swole Lotions surprised me. I thought it was a hoax. Now I’m feeling sexier than ever.

  4. Kent Holiday

    I used this lotion twice a day and got good results. I’m glad it works.

  5. Logan N

    It’s a game-changer. I travel a lot. This lotion is my new companion, lol!

  6. Owen Masters

    Good stuff……got me thicker.

  7. Kenny Whitehead

    This stuff is better than black seed oil. I’m buying more!

  8. Troy White

    Not only did this lotion give me extra girth but it also boosted my libido.

  9. Caleb Black

    I found out about these products from a health expert. I’m glad I listened. My new thicker girth is unbelievable.

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